Saturday, August 20, 2011

Practice Gun Safety

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 We recently caught in the news about the 3 year old girl who visited a neighbor, played with a gun, and accidentally shot herself. That piece of news just shocked and scared me. My husband owns a gun. We never put it in a place where children can reach it. I've just also started learning about guns, shooting a gun, cleaning a gun, keeping it safe.

Safety should be the number one priority when it comes to being a responsible gun owner. It is our job to keep the people around us safe. A gun is not to be used to commit a crime but prevent a crime from happening.  Even handling the gun of someone else is a no-no, unless you've been taught the basics. Don't point the gun at persons. Keep the safety on at all times.

That accident was just so scary. It is a lesson for everyone.


what happened really was a lesson learned for everyone especially to all the gun owners..

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Thank you very much. any time, we need to pay attention of what the impact of our behave to others ...
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