Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Normal Trip to Baguio...

Baguio is a place close to my heart. I was born there. Stayed for a few months and left forever. Only to return to visit doctors.

On the Way
 On the way, I was riding infront...Mom and her friend was at the back. If she rode in the front, she would have suffered neck pains on the 2 and a half hour trip. First stop would be MetroBaguio Laboratories. They are the ones we've been going to for a long time now. We get our blood work and urinalysis done. Head on to Jollibee at Magsaysay where all the buses are lined up. I usually order my favorite breakfast - Tapa! and my mom would order Longganisa.

We travel on to Pink Sisters and prayed for our health and the safety of our family, friends and relatives. To relax, my mom and her friend who loves to garden went to BSU Orchidarium.

Then, it's the moment of truth. We go back to the laboratory to gather our results. But we don't leave the Orchidarium without buying some cacti, roses and other plants. We get our results. Bad Mys! Bad Mys! Bad blood sugar results and suffering from UTI... oh my! Must drink water...gallons of it.

Worse results for my Mom, but she's older and she's been diabetic longer. Her health improved though compared to last year's laboratory results. Good for Mom! Bad for me! Have lunch at SM Baguio at Deco's. Simple lunch of La Paz Batchoy - Original. Noodles weren't that cooked to my liking but it's ok.

Escaped to buy a puzzle board, a book, and bottle nips by Avent. I got attracted by an Angry Bird shirt and forgot all about the shirt that Hubby really wanted. I'm such a forgetful human.

The next part of the day is to Notre de Chartres Hospital. We're on a queue to meet up with 4 doctors. A heart specialist, a kidney specialist, and the diabetelogist. The eye doctor was cancelled because he is on vacation. I know what they're gonna say. But surprise of all surprises, the doctor ordered my mom to be confined for an executive checkup and I am forced to get one too.

Health comes first. I may resist the idea but it is for the best if I want to see my kids grow up. My lab results are in normal values except the blood sugar which I blame to peer pressure in having snacks while waiting at the canteen for my kids to be dismissed from school. I shall now stay away from rice cakes. (LOL!)

Going back to Baguio on Monday. But I will be confined inside the hospital. Come visit me there! Kidding!

Before we went home, I kept seeing the sign that announced that they sold Pancit Batil Patung. I thought that was a perfect take home food for my hubby. He's from Cagayan and I'm pretty sure he missed eating it.  Got them from Gablets... I highly recommend it but the place seems deserted. Maybe they are more famous for their catering???

Pancit Batil Patung (Cagayan Style Pancit topped with Egg)


Baguio is forever close to my heart because we got married here in a court civil ceremony =)

My husband is from Ifugao and I am from Batanes so we decidde to meet halfway lol!

Thank you so much for the visit!


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