Monday, August 8, 2011

TCP: Set in New York

I had 2 movies in mind when I first read the topic, since I have begun to come back slowly to the blogging world. Well, first thought was Autumn in New York. But then, I went back a little earlier and found a movie that engaged me more and really made me feel New York.

New York actually is a place close to my heart because one of my aunts, and I only have 2 currently lives in New York. They are the only relatives I have that we dearly call 'New Yorkers'. 

Without further ado, my pick for this week is "You've Got M@il!"

I love the part when they walk around in the morning, inspired by their conversation through email the day before. The bakeries opening, the smell of sharpened pencils, the streets and that his nickname through chat is his address. It's all totally cute! That daisies are the happiest flowers and that he needs to do a little tweaking. 
I could go on and on but New York was really showcased in this movie and I think it's a great movie with great actors.


I couldn't agree more! Meg and Tom are really great together on screen!


i love this movie too. i still remember when we watched it in the cinema :D
thanks for the visit and comment at TCP this week.


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