Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The questions:
1. Where do you find tranquility?
2. Where do you eat like a horse?
3. Where do you zonk out?
4. Where is your jungle?
5. Where does your joy come from?

My answers:
1. I find tranquility during night time when everything's quiet and I just read my books.

2. I ate like a horse at the Thai Canteen at UP Diliman ages ago. I always ordered 2 viands. I just love their food too much! I couldn't get enough of Tom Yum Soup and Mixed Toppings!

3.  I usually zonk out at the bed cuddled with my phone where I read my ebooks.

4. My jungle is at home. You won't believe the mess my 2 kids can do. They inherited being messy from me.

5. My joy is from my husband and kids. Hubby's support and the kids who surprise me by being sweet and horrible all rolled into one.

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Hi Mys! Wow, another night owl. But then, aren't most bloggers? :D One of my fave times to wake up is early morning when the sun isn't up yet. The dark and quiet "night" is definitely tranquil. And yes, I zonk out totally in my bed. :D Ohoo... so UP was once a witness to your horsey eatin' days huh? Looks like it survived, heehee. No harm done. Oh my gosh.. my kids are way too messy too. They create jungles for me, just like I create messes for myself. LoL. Nice read... it's nice to know you!



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