Thursday, August 18, 2011

Letters That I'll Never Send Reloaded #3

It's The 3rd Thursday of the month, today's letters are supposed to be for kids.

My dear children,

             Today is a very important day for our family. It is the birthday of your father. Yes, finally Daddy Pedz is the same age again with mommy. Mommy is beginning to feel so ancient. We are glad that daddy has reached the age of 31, as he jokingly said, he may be at the end of the calendar, but don't forget he will still be at the lotto, and even in bingo.

              We are also celebrating the 18th anniversary of the company your grandmother put up. Hopefully, one or both of you will be interested in running it in the future. It may be little but at least it has survived18 years, and you should always be proud of that.

              So to Mama...Happy Anniversary! God Bless and More Power (that's what you kids are going to say) and to Daddy, a Very Happy Birthday . Tell Daddy that his present is going to be given on Christmas as mommy is currently broke right now.

              Don't forget to give the cards you made and lots of kisses and hugs. Plus, I hope you remember what reviewed since it is your last day of exams tomorrow. Good Luck Kiddos!



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