Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Yesterday, an officemate asked a favor from me. Her son had an assignment that involves painters and their works of art. It was a fun assignment for me, because I love to learn about new stuff and at least it widened my horizon. It's been a long time since I ever delved into the world of artists and I'm not really the artsy type, though I am related by affinity to an artist and I have a one and only artist friend.

I was able to discover new artists, and had fun while doing so. Of all those I've researched Vicente Manansala's work caught my attention. It looks pretty to me. Making the assignments made me think of my own highschool days and I'm looking forward to the time my kids have to make their own. Who would make a better essay? Maegan or Paul?

One of the best writers I know is my bestfriend and twin, she can whip up an MLA format essay in just a few minutes. Maybe I'll get her to coach my kids when my kids need to start writing for an essay. I wonder if my twin bestfriend can do an art essay too. She's really talented and I'm actually glad that she's finally back here in our hometown and teaching again. I really missed her a lot and maybe, we can come up with the business we've been dreaming of together. But before we brainstorm for business, we have to start doing my daughter's assignments.

Seriously, one must really have to think about doing great in class, specially in writing essays. Even entrance exams for college have included an essay portion for their prospective student applications. It' s just unnerving for me, that instead of things becoming easier, my kids, nieces' and nephew's assignments are getting more difficult and more scary. I wonder if my brain can keep up. I do enjoy the challenges but then as they get older and I get older, my question would be, will I be able to cope?

I've never been much of a writer, mathematician or a leader. I wonder if any of my kids are. I hope my kids inherit their father's genius in math. If they can do math, they can conquer anything. Could that be true? I hope so. I wonder what could their interests be? What are your experiences in your kids' assignments?


so much fun with your son, sis how much fees there at school or kindy? here costly.


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