Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Got a Pixel?

There are digital scrapbooking sites and then there are Digital Scrapbooking Sites.
All of you who love digiscrapping surely have a list of stores that you frequent and love. Besides digifree, creative busy hands, lori's freebie list and others. I frequent sites that are stores which actually ask you to pay them. Yes, once in a while, I can not resist a truly great deal. I think I already made a list a long time ago about how to find free stuff in digiscrapping. But then maybe not, so I'll probably do it again a little later.

This is not a paid post. I am just a fan of this site and I just feel a sense of pride since I've read this designer's blog and I just can not wait to share what I discovered.

One of my favorites Digital Scrapbooking Sites has a designer that sounded familiar to me. What's more is that particular designer is going on an anniversary sale right now. So, if you're a friend, a fan, interested in digital scrapbooking, you should head on out to Gotta Pixel right now and avail of the discounts and the sale by the designer Mye de Leon.

Mye de Leon, if I'm not mistaken is also the blogger/author of Blog Appetite and Home and Parenting.

What about you? Got a favorite designer? Scrapbooking site? Watch out for the list that I'm making for digiscrap fanatics like me.


Oh Mys! You're so sweet! Thank you for blogging about my anniversary sale. And yes, I do own Blog Appetite and Home and Parenting :)

Happy to see you in the GP forum :)


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