Thursday, August 19, 2010

What do I do Now?

Maybe it's my over enthusiasm. Now I have 4 domains. 2 of them has started and another one I got for free. Did you know that when you transfer a domain, you should pay for the transfer fee, and that your authorization codes are some of the things you should know. Plus, you can speed up the process by making sure that your transfer lock is disabled. I learned all of that the hard way.

I won this domain from patiently clicking on the site that was trying to give it away. I tried it last year, but then it didn't work out for me. With its transfer I have renewed its life and now, I have to mold it and turn it into a blog that would bring traffic, joy, and expression of the things that I really like writing about.

I have a question that I hope you guys can answer. What has more worth? A .com domain, a .info, or a .net?
I got 2 .info domains because they are always cheap. I wonder however about renewal costs. A .com domain, well, if you know how to make use of the internet and search capacities, you can turn a $10 fee to around $7.50. For new domains, watch out for sales. I know for a fact that GoDaddy goes on a big sale and sometimes gives away 0.99 cents domain sale for a .com.

Watch out for the launch of my newest blog and hopefully, it will be better and more successful and will make you stay.

Thanks for dropping by.


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