Friday, August 20, 2010

My Most Memorable Experience as a Blogger

*This is my official entry for Red's First Blogversary Contest*

In my experience as a blogger, I can proudly say that nothing can ever top the day I won in a blogging contest and I got my first domain.

It was the most amazing experience. This domain which holds all my entries to other contests, some writing opportunities and most of all the meme where I have fun to keep trying to get people to join in to, is the one I won in that contest.

I guess I was lucky in that sense because my blogs were then about a month or a couple of months old and yet I was allowed to join, even more amazing is that I still won. There were loopholes to the contest which allowed me to join even if I was a newbie blogger. Thankfully, going into my 3rd year, this domain is still alive, and I will try my best to keep it alive.

To Calvin, who made the contest happen, thank you.

Having this domain, changed my life forever.


you're welcome mys. im glad ni-continue mo ang pagbloblog mo and you're enjoying it. more power to you and your blogs!


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