Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Pagbabago, when translated to English is Change.

One thing that altered and changed the course of my life forever happened when I was 20. It was the end of my 3rd year in college when my mom noticed that something was wrong with me. I was having colds for about a week and I had lost so much weight.  Feeling bothered about it, we went to see a doctor, the doctor suggested that we take the Gold Test at St. Luke's to determine whether or not I am a diabetic.

Diabetes runs in the family, but then, to me, I felt as if it was just something that could or could not happen to me. Either way, I didn't care. I felt invincible. I thought it would skip a generation or something. I thought I was a favored child.

Reality bit me. The results of the test were that yes, I am indeed a diabetic. A diabetic at 20. Imagine, my horror and regret. My dismay and anguish. I felt all that, then told myself that there are things I can not change. I am lucky to have enjoyed sweets and I can just reminisce about the food and their taste. But oh, I just miss eating too much.

I was brought home to the province by my Mom. I studied at a university in the next city to earn my degree so we could monitor my health and eating habits better. Here is where Goldilocks came into my life. The school I was attending to was near a mall. The mall had a Goldilocks branch. Goldilocks was where you could find me during my lunch breaks. I never fail to eat the fresh lumpia (fresh spring roll) or palabok. I even won a Nokia 6230 cellphone during one of their promotions.

Do you know why I like and love Goldilocks?

It is the only bakeshop in our city and the next city that offers Sugar free Food.  

Ensaymada Lite

Sugar Free Chocolate Slice

Sugar free Mamon

Sugar Free Walnut Brownies

With these snacks being available, I can have my sweets and eat it too. Guilt-free! It has become a part of my life, and Goldilocks has helped in keeping me alive and healthy. Goldilocks is the only bakeshop that is here in our city and in the next who caters to those who want to stay healthy and for diabetics like me to have at least a chance to enjoy great food without the hazards of having their blood sugar spike. So really, Thank You Goldilocks for keeping up with the changing times and being part of my life.


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