Thursday, August 5, 2010

Choices People can Make

I have a cousin-in-law who is currently working in California. She was able to go to the U.S. because of a petition from her dad who is a war veteran. I have been trying to convince her that one of the best thing she can do while she tries to become a successful nurse there would be to improve her skills and perhaps move to New York. To move to New York, she'll be needing the services of California movers she'll have to choose from a list of San Francisco moving companies because she is in San Fo now. I can just imagine her packing up her stuff and probably driving a UHaul. I hope she already knows how to drive.
If you're wondering why she might be moving to New York, we have an aunt who lives there, and she only has 1 daughter who is still single and lives with her. Coincidentally, this aunt is in the medical field and works at hospitals so I think, well, we all think that it would be a great idea for her to go New York. The aunt who lives in New York, is kind, sweet and generous enough to offer lodging to her, and she might get easily employed since our cousins and our aunt works in different hospitals in New York.
But before she can move to New York, she has to equip herself with a lot of training, a driver's license at least, and renew some of her knowledge in her nursing capacity. I know that volunteer work also adds credit to her name and perhaps she should take more classes.
She worries about the weather in New York, but I think if you really put your heart into it, when you decide to do something and make that decision final, you should give all the effort that you can for it to work. I do believe that in the long run New York would be a better place for her and for her family which she intends to bring to New York. I would be so thrilled if my nieces and nephew become New Yorkers. But as they say, I can't decide for her, I just hope that she seriously considers it as an option for all of them. I can just imagine my nieces and nephew being students of New York University, oh that would just make me oh so proud. I think New York will provide them with a tremendous experience as it is the city that never sleeps and I'll be asking about their stories and how bagel tastes.


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