Sunday, August 29, 2010

LTOK 1: A Letter to my Kids

Dear Maegan and Paul,

                 I am so amazed at your abilities. I love the results of your efforts in school. I am so happy and proud of all that you have accomplished. I am in awe and afraid of what that may bring you. I worry that if you do well, we will exert more pressure on you and let's face it, I don't want you to have that burden. I want you to enjoy going to class but  still be the best. I worry of the pressure that I, your dad, or your grandma may let you experience because of what you've accomplished. I hope I do not make that mistake or that you do enjoy what you do. I hope that your shyness will gradually disappear and that you become sociable. I know you have friends as they certainly wave a lot to you but I worry that you are loved more by highschool teachers than your own peers. Well, that's just my worry. Whatever you're doing in school my dear daughter, keep it up. Know that whatever you do, I will always be proud of you, that's the truth, that's a fact and that's a promise. I love you dear.

                   My playful little man. I am amazed at how you've grown. I love that you try to be a parrot to your sister's ways. I like that you try to talk, you're naturally curious but I worry about your being a crybaby. Nevertheless I always remind myself that indeed you're just a little boy. I forget sometimes. I  drive you crazy, I know. I am sorry. I hope that I can teach you better the way I devote my time to your sister with her studies, but I am only one. I am glad that you have an interest in studying even if I don't expect you to do so. I love your sweetness and your charm. I am sure you will win the hearts of a lot of persons because you offer them a smile and you instantly apologize when you do something wrong. I love you dear.

Maegan and Paul, you are my reason for breathing and fighting diabetes. I love you guys. I will always be proud of you and I hope you grow up to be good people. 


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