Wednesday, August 18, 2010

LTINS 3: Dear Bestfriend

Apology for the late post: Blogger won't open with my browser and I had not made a scheduled post.

The theme for this week is Dear Bestfriend, but if you have more than one, it's your choice. Right?

Here's my letter:

Dear Bestfriend,

            You are many and you know each other. Thank you for being with me from the start. If you know the story of my life then I am pretty sure that you are indeed my bestfriend. If I ever failed you and hurt you, most likely, you are my bestfriend too. If you weren't at my wedding, you're my bestfriend. If you have the same date as my birthday, you are my bestfriend. If I got drunk with you, you're my bestfriend. If you are my hubby's ex, you're my bestfriend. If you are my teacher in Calculus, you're my bestfriend. If you are the father of my children, you're my bestfriend. If you were my dormmate during my freshman year, and other years, you are my bestfriend.

          For all of you, who are in one way or another was part of the most important parts of my life. If I still keep in touch with you, even through the most minute way, a text message, a shout out at fb or fs, a message thru an email, you are now and forever will be, my bestfriend. 

         For all of that. Thank you. I know I am a difficult friend. Specially now that I am less thoughtful and less generous. Sorry and Thank you. If you're still, a few months, a few years now, then you're still my bestfriend.


yay ang galing naman ng pagkakasulat mo.. ako rin super dami ng BEST friends.. and you are right, those that sticks to us through thick and thin are the bestest friends ever..

thanks for a nice theme this thurs girl.. see u next thursday! :) mwah


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