Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Attention: PR Bloggers, U.S-Based Bloggers

Hi! I had the opportunity to be invited to this site, but sadly I am not able to qualify as most of the products are from the U.S. and they can only send the product samples to U.S. based bloggers. So, if you're interested and you're into product reviews and giveaways, why not try this site. They are currently in beta phase and the offer looks promising.

This isn't a paid post, I was just invited but I could not really participate.

By the way, as mentioned in the sticky post, I am looking for sponsors for a simple giveaway/blogversary celebration.

Goodies I hope to receive as pledges:
Entrecard credits
Adgitize coupons/gc
Blog makeover (but then I'd have to join my own contest)
Cold, hard, digital cash (paypal)
Electronic load (Phil.based???)

Please tell me if you're interested in receiving ebooks or casual games as prizes.
When I say ebooks, I mean those fiction novels you would like to have your hands on. Harry Potter ebooks, Chronicles of Narnia, Meg Cabot, John Grisham - those kind of authors and novels. I'm not much into marketing/seo/google/ebay ebooks.

For Casual games - full versions of Plants vs. Zombies, Wedding Dash 4, Diner Dash - those types.

So what do you think?

Target launch date is on October 10, 2010


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