Sunday, August 15, 2010


In the near future, my aunt and uncle who are based in California would have to consider the word " Retirement". As of now, they are both gainfully employed, but this early they have already been considering going into business. Both my aunt and uncle have a knack for cooking native delicacies like Kare-Kare (ox tail in peanut sauce) and native rice cakes. If they ever set up a Filipino restaurant in California, I'm pretty sure they'll be asking about business insurance to make certain that their business will survive no matter what. I wonder what kind of business insurance policy they'll be getting, perhaps a truly comprehensive one to be prepared for anything and everything. Well, if they don't go into the food business. I know that they'd probably go into real estate.
They currently have 7 homes, as far as I know. For these houses, they availed of California home insurance for all seven of them. My uncle has this knack for looking for great bargains. You should see how he negotiates in ebay. I asked him to bid something for me at ebay and he got it dirt cheap because of his excellent bidding and negotiation skills. He and his wife are multi-talented, I'm pretty sure that whatever business they intend to put up after their retirement or where they spend their retirement packages will certainly turn out to be productive and successful.

What about you? Are you insured?


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