Wednesday, August 4, 2010

LTINS: Genie, These are my 3 wishes

My dear Djinn,

I can just rub you and whisper this to you. But my guess is I'm bored, so instead I'll be writing it as a letter so the contract and the wishes would be binding and you have no escape but to make the wishes come true to the letter (pun intended).

I shall give you fair warning, I think my wishes are of the usual, encompassing, outlandish kind of wishes. I hope you do not find any loopholes in honoring my wishes or else, I shall do as Timmy Turner did, and my first wish would be to have a great lawyer.

Kidding aside, here are my 3 selfish wishes.

  • Perfectly good health for all, living, breathing, human beings. I mean healthy. I think if everyone is healthy it would save a lot of heartaches, money, and I'm feeling this wish right now because Paul and Maegan are having cough and colds.
  • I wish for a successful business that will make us prosperous and will make me able to keep sending my kids to the private school of my choice. Make sure that the business you will give me is something that I will be able to manage so that it can last for at least 80 years.
  • Last but not least, I wish we can go to Tuguegarao on December. Genie, make that happen. If not, I'll be perfectly content to attend graduations on March.
What are your wishes? Wanna join? It's simple. This week's theme is write 3 wishes for a genie.
Write your post, and add your link at the linkytools. That simple. Join next week for Write any letter addressed to anyone but written in Tagalog (Filipino).


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