Thursday, September 15, 2011

Letters That I'll Never Send

Letters That I'll Never Send
Dear Finicky Weather,

         Go away! or... just make up your mind already. Please! I am the type of person that when it's sunny all day. Don't make my kids sick by being intolerably hot during mornings and overly cold in the afternoons. My kids aren't robots and they easily get sick. Seriously, I blame you. You have no other excuse for it but you and your indecision. I'd rather it rain lightly all day, or be hot all day. Don't do things halfway. Doing things halfway makes a lot of us in our household sick. It's my kids' exam week next week. If they get sick, how can we catch up with lessons? Are you going to take the exam for my kids? Of course not.
Please. Be decisive. Please. I beg you.


yeah, the weather has been really weird! rain and sunshine...

by the way, we dont have any themes anymore? so letter for anyone is okay? :)


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