Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Thank You Post!

First, Congratulations to all the winners of the Top 10 Emerging Influential Bloggers 2011. They truly are Influential and worth Reading. I am glad and proud that I voted for them!

Well, I would also like to share my joys in winning. I may not have won BIG prizes but my prizes are BIG that they gave a smile to my face.

I'd like to thank the following bloggers who ran their blog contests where I won.

Nancy - a dot info domain!

Techie She - blog hosting.

Mommy Tetcha - I won in her Biogesic Giveaway! Perfect timing too...I got it when I was about to get a headache.

Momi Jes - I won a notepad for blogging about her birthday giveaway. My daughter is asking me to have a notepad with her name on it too... she really likes it.

Mom Gen - I won pink notecards... with a cute puppy in shades. My daughter loved it!

JoeyBoy - this is his first ever giveaway. He actually won his domain from Mommy Ruby. This time, he opened a giveaway where the prize is a bouquet of roses. Since I won but I'm not from Manila, I am asking him to deliver it to my roommate who just celebrated her birthday. It will act as a belated birthday gift.

Lucky Cow Shop - this one is something I stumbled upon as I was just rechecking the blogs of those I met a few years back. I won a sampler pack of lip gloss. Lip gloss sodas! Yum!

Last but not least, my latest win...

Mommy Nita - $10 and entrecard credits on her birthday giveaway. Happy Birthday po!

I am grateful to all of you because of the wonderful opportunity you have given me because of the blog contests that you host.

Thank you. I hope this makes other readers believe that when you do try, you may get a chance to win. You have nothing to lose when you try.

Thanks. Keep visiting to learn more of other blog contests that take my interest.


wow you are such a lucky girl. Ang dami nyan ha :) okay yan kesa maglaro online magsali na lang ng contest :)


Congrats for winning at Nita's Random Thoughts. I am not sure if I saw her contest here in your blog but if it does then that would be a thank you to you since I was able to grab a .info domain despite the last minute of joining the contest.


@Sir Rob, actually I posted her contest as well and almost last minute. I saw her facebook post so I decided to join.


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