Thursday, September 29, 2011

Letters That I'll Never Send

Letters That I'll Never Send

Dear Pedring (also known as the Storm that flooded the place),

     First and foremost, I dislike your name. It sounds like something I'd call my husband when I'm old. Folks are still reeling and remembering Ondoy and here you are now. It's a sad time and you've made it worse. I just heard that now the dam near our place is releasing water and a lot of the places here is already flooded. Nueva Ecija, Bicol Regions, Manila, Pangasinan certainly Calasiao and Dagupan are experiencing flooding in all areas. Do you know what's worse? There's another storm coming. It's so depressing. A lot of our countrymen are experiencing hardships because of storms. A lot has lost their homes, property, and even loved ones. They may do a lot of forecasts, predict a lot of things but truly no one is ever really truly prepared when a storm comes. I hope that you don't cause hardships to more places. Goodbye!


It's really frustrating to know how much a typhoon could damage our country. It used to be that these type of calamities occur once in every 4 years or more. Now, it's like every year we have to prepare for floods as tall as people.

Well, given that you may have had the opportunity, I sure hope you do send it. ^_^


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