Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Christmas Wish

My kids are now in preschool. It's early but I'm running out of magazines to cut out. Every day, my kids are given assignments. Cut a particular shape, zoo animals, trees, plants, and anything that is relevant to their topic for the day or the week. I bought a book that I used to cut out all those basic shapes, colors and other things but I have now run out of pages.

Do you now have an inkling of what my Christmas wish is?  I would like to own a printer. Not an ordinary printer but a printer with a scanner and a copier capabilities. I would like a scanner to scan old photographs and have a digital copy of them. I would like to have a copier because I would like to print and make copies of activities that my kids can do. A printer is something I need for all the rest of the future assignments and projects my kids will be assigned with.

Did you know that different printers also have different printer cartridges? There are specific printer cartridges for specific printers. You can't use a dot-matrix printer cartridge for a deskjet printer or a laserjet printer. There are a lot of companies that offer printers, and different kinds of printers. It is best to be armed with the information that you need when you intend to buy one. I for one would be looking for durability of the printer. If I am able to buy the parts I need in case the product becomes defective. I am also going to canvass the shops on what is the best option with regards to the ink and which kind will work best for me.

I'm crossing my fingers that I can be able to afford my Christmas wish by Christmas.


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