Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Little Act of Rebellion

As a rule, being a stay at home mom and responsible for washing milk bottles, I don't get manicures. I only get pedicures. Once in a while, I get the urge to color my nails black, which my mom dislikes. She says that all my nails look dead. I prefer to call them 'goth'.

The manicurist prefers to do nail art though. For once, I agreed. Here's what my toes looked like, and the little foot there is my daughter's who could not resist putting her foot on mine as I took a photo of it.

I feel as if it's a guilty pleasure. I don't spoil my feet. I am actually diabetic so foot care is very important but I stay away from the foot scrubs because they might overdo it. I have only trusted my feet to 2 persons my whole life. What about you guys? Adventurous enough for nail art and other things?


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