Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My 2nd Favorite Part of the House

My first favorite part of the house is where I do lots of my reading and sleeping is the bedroom. My second favorite is the kitchen. The magic happens in the kitchen. It is where food preparation and the cooking happens. I often admire a well-used and a well-placed kitchen. Kitchen is the hearth of the home. Where delicious smells waft through the air and entices you to take a moment to come in. Kitchens make a home homey.

There are a lot of styles nowadays when it comes to kitchens. Some kitchens use modern kitchen cabinets for easy accessibility for the pots, pans, and other utensils. Others opt for the woodsy feel and have everything in cabinets hidden from plain sight or creatively kept from view. Others also opt that nothing be kept in cabinets but in open shelves so that they can see and grab what they need.

A kitchen should be something that works with the cook or the chef. Your kitchen should match your style and your needs specially when you love to cook. I think it would be amazing to upgrade our kitchen into something with contemporary cabinetry. It would be a look that my friends would rave about and tell the rest of their friends. So if you're trying to revamp your kitchen feel free to look for modern kitchen cabinets, I am sure they are a sight to behold and want.


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