Sunday, January 17, 2010

I Heart Ebooks and Games

I promised myself that I'd go back to doing what I love the most.

If there's anything that gave me a happy feeling. It's the feeling of being able to provide a service. A satisfied customer just made my day.

I was an online seller a long time ago.

I also admit that I'm a poohrate, a cheapskate, and a freebie hunter.

My favorite things to sell are ebooks, which I also buy from other sellers and some I find by myself.
I also sell games.
One of my favorites would be the dash series starring Flo, the waitress. I really went on that journey and I discovered that some people like playing games too.

Recently, I rediscovered the joy of reading again. I was fully shocked to discover that my Kane and Abel, a novel of Jeffrey Archer had 2 more books, one in Florentina's view and another one from a Secret Service agent. It's just incredible.

Another series that I religiously read was that of James Patterson's Alex Cross and still James Patterson's Women's Murder Club, which just surprised me even more because there are a whole number of books that I haven't read in the series, and I thought I was updated.

Even more amazed that there was more Kay Scarpetta novels from Patricia Cornwell.

Then what was even more amazing, was there were a million more authors I've never heard of. It's like being bumped in the head, that there are new authors, new novels, and that there are some books I shouldn't miss.

More thriller authors, paranormal series, I even got hooked on teen-literature again. I'm now reading Morganville vampires and I hear that the Weather Warden series of the same author is also interesting. It's just taken me by surprise, that here I am, almost 30 and I can still get hooked again to literature geared to teens. That there are literally hundreds more of books I want to read, then there's chick-lit, supposedly catering to women of my age, which also is starting to rear its head and make me pay attention.

So, I was wondering... do you have favorite authors?

Can you share yours? I would certainly love to venture and try out different authors.

I've heard Paolo Coelho is good. But I haven't read him. I am into suspense/thriller/action/vampires/paranormal/mystery stuff. Romance plays well to my eyes too. I love Julie Garwood and Judith Mcnaught. I hear that there are tons more authors. I also love epic dramas of Danielle Steel.

This has become a very long post. What I'm trying to say is... if ever you're interested in buying, reading, sampling an ebook, check out my shop. Just click on the word shop at my header. Leave a comment or a request. I'm here and I can help. You can help me by buying from me too.


my favorites (right now) are stephenie meyer and sophie kinsella.

i haven't read Women's Murder Club, but I've played the game :D ganda!

Patricia Cornwell is also one of my favorites. talagang naghahanap ako ng books nyan sa bookstore nung working pa ako as an office girl. grabe sobrang adik.

okay na okay din si Paulo Coelho, pero deep-deep-an ang drama nya girl. hehe.

anne rice is a must if you like vampires. pero much more erotic, compared kay meyer ;)


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