Friday, January 29, 2010

Reviewing a Review Blog

Dear Reader,

This is one task I truly am afraid of. The gracious hosts of the biggest contest in the blogging universe is tempting fate and everyone to risk their neck for 50 as in FIFTY big BIG points for a review of their blogs. Now, my rhetorical question goes this way: How do you Review a Review Blog? Honestly, I am just plain impressed with these bloggers that I'd love to go out and meet them and pick their brain. Pehpot is such a tremendous writer who had picked out wonderful niches under the sun and she can really address any and all blog topics she decides upon.

Reviews Inc. is a blog that does exactly that. Reviews. Blog Reviews. Product Reviews, Movie Reviews and a whole lot more. The header of the blog is so cute and precise, you really know it's a female blogger writing her point of view. The layout is neat, the sidebars aren't too crowded and I love the colors red, white, black and blue just makes it look totally professional.

This site is perfect for those looking for product recommendations, I found her post on calming lotion, both informative and very persuasive. It makes me feel as if I not only want to lather it on myself, but bathe on it too, and perhaps share it with my stressed husband. Even to the point of sharing it with my super stressed mom.

If you're someone looking for movies to sink your teeth into. Look no further, Reviews Inc., is a coucher and her movie picks are ones you shouldn't miss. She doesn't bore you with her descriptions and frankly, you should expect the unexpected with her writings. To borrow a line from a movie production, which has momentarily slipped my mind: If it's from Pehpot, it must be good.

No doubt about it, you'll be visiting her site and without a doubt trusting her reviews.


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