Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Great Designer

Dear Reader,

The first time you look at this blog of a work-at-home Mom, you'll be amazed with the design. I always love great layouts and take note: she designed it herself. Kaye is a great blog designer. Just take note of the Marce's club blogs. Designed by kaye.

Let's do this Review, top to bottom:
Name of the Blog: Random WAHM Thoughts
Header: Says everything you need to know about the blog
Family.Friends.Work.And Everything in Between.
Obviously, a female writer.

Sidebars: an interesting mix of friends, work, and how she earns $$$$.
I love the fact that the sidebar posts what the job is and how much she's earned.
It's very informative and tempting.

Content: Ranges from Personal Stories like those of her entries to Girls Talk
Blogger Hacks/Tweaks which I highly recommend and am using right now.You must try her top commentator widget... really works!
Designer Post Signature! This one was the first entry that I think I ever read and caught my attention. I was late for this, when she was giving them away. I think I even cried. It was a time when I really wanted one and didn't know how to achieve what I like. The second one was her blog layout, so unique and so chic. I always love unique blog layouts/templates.

Don't let her blog title fool you, the thoughts may be random, but sometimes they're pretty deep. Her thoughts are just a plethora of a lot of things and a lot of interests. Surely, you will be coming back to read up on her answers to tags, her sometimes rated answers to Girl Talk, stories of friendship and giveaways, contests, and designs that will blow you away. She can definitely make a career out of blog templates, and when she starts charging, I bet she can give the other blog designers, a good run for their money and tough competition.

Go ahead, click on the square below and check her blog out.


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