Wednesday, January 27, 2010

GT: First Boyfriend

Dear Girl Talkers,

I don't think talking about this, requires my bravery. I was very lucky in the aspect that the husband is the first boyfriend. He was the only one who asked. Wait, I think I did the asking. He was and still is.. my bestfriend at my stay in U.P. I love talking about how I first met him. I remember it clearly but not the date (signs of old age). It was the first few days of class at U.P., we were staying at the dorm, Kalayaan to be exact. I had made 3 new friends, future members of the Vampire Society. One of my friends, Irene was taking up Chemical Engineering. She is a great chess player and then one day, she told me about this conceited guy whom she had an argument with. His name is Peds. He is a B.S. Math student and they argued over a chess move and a chair. She was so enraged, and we all thought that the V.S. should teach this guy some manners. They introduced us but to my chagrin, he wasn't a conceited guy after all and it was just a simple misunderstanding. To our further surprise, he was my classmate in Natural Sciences, a class which made us all sleepy since it was an airconditioned auditorium held right after lunch. It was a shared class by many freshmen of different courses. The Math students had English as their next class and they usually were rushing assignments in Nat.Sci. We had a deal then, they would help us in our Math assignments and shared halves of assignments in Nat. Sci, We'd help in English since that was our stronger suit. Freshmens at work. I could go on and on but then that wouldn't be the scope of GT.
We became an us on May 20, 1998. It was a few days after I turned 18, and he was my escort. I brought him home, along with other college friends for my debut. It was an unplanned debut which we tried to make the most out of. He finally asked me to be his girlfriend. He is my first and last boyfriend. I was his second. Don't let me go into my insecurities with his first... please. He became my husband and finally, father to my children.


wow first and last.... you are so lucky you found your prince the very first try.. I had to kiss one frog before i found my prince...

have a great weekend ahead


wow. ang cute naman. I know somebody na first bf rin nya un nakatuluyan nya. uncommon na yan ngayon. :D :D

Here's mine</


wow! the first post that I've read so far na di kelangan maging brave for publishing.. haha.. congrats for this!


naku mys, pareho pala tayo neto.. first and last boyfriend ko rin si hubby ko. hihihi! ang kaibahan lang sa atin, ako rin ang first and last nya. kaya wala insecurities. heheh!


awwww so sweet! Not many girls can say that their first BF became their busband later on :) Such a Cinderella-like story <3


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