Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yay! First Tag for the New Year

Thanks to Enchie, of Sweet Nothings for this tag. I really like writing about tv shows and joining blog tags.

8 TV Shows I like to watch:

  1. One Tree Hill (even without Chad Michael Murray, I just love Sophia Bush's character Brooke)
  2. Merlin ( a must-see from Hallmark Channel, shows the making of a King in Arthur)
  3. Supernatural ( I can't get enough of the Winchester boys!! Sam and Dean)
  4. Smallville ( somehow, it's piqued my interest again specially this season!)
  5. Chuck ( Zachary Levi cracks me up!)
  6. House MD
7.Imagination Movers - I love to dance to their songs specially the intro music. ♫Jump up, get down, stand up, turn around turn around♫
8. Top Chef ( I like learning what goes well with something even if I don't cook)

8 Favorite Place to Dine-out:
1. Pedritos - is a local restaurant that first served Filipino food and now serves Spanish food as well. I have no pictures but I love their Satay Manok and they make great Palabok. Yum.Plus, all the waiters know us by name so they rush to serve us.
2. Jollibee - is not something we do often but my kids love the slides at Jollibee so they often go there.
3. Sukho Thai - whenever I get lost at SM Megamall, this is a favorite stop. Yummy thai food.
4. Tokyo Tokyo - Thank God there's one at CSI City Mall Lucao at last!
5. The Beach House - please take me back there, I miss it so much.
6. Rodics - oh, their silog dishes just make me happy.
7.Max's - Fresh Lumpia please. Yum!
8. Mommy's Thai Canteen - it's been closed for quite some time now, this is my favorite lunch/dinner place at U.P. D. I could just stay and order everything. From their bangus lumpia, tom yum soup, and mixed toppings! Oh, truly a great meal.

8 Things I look forward to:
1. Turning 30
2. My kids going to school... 2 hours to myself.
3. A business of my own ( I don't know when this is going to happen so still looking forward to it)
4. Attending a business seminar (since I'm out of ideas and don't know what my strong suit is)
5. My kids' birthdays
6. Going to Tuguegarao, hometown of dear hubby.( Last time, I was there, no kids pa)
7. Going to Baguio, with the kids plus nieces and nephew (hopefully this summer)
8. A day at a spa ( maybe in the year 2012)lol!

8 Things that happened yesterday:
  1. Finally got to watch The Time Traveler's Wife! Yay!
  2. Paul is trying out talking in sentences.
  3. Maegan called me a 'bad mommy' (I wouldn't let her climb the grills)
  4. Dreamt of a vacation
  5. Read Charlaine Harris' A Touch of Dead
  6. Discovered more authors
  7. Tried to make a listing at ebay
  8. Sold an ebook!

8 Things I love About Winter:
I've never experienced Winter. I imagine that I would love it too though.
  1. Being bundled up and wearing sweaters and scarves and mittens and all those bulky clothing!
  2. Hot chocolate! Hot chocolate! Hot choclate with marshmallows...yum
  3. The cold, it's just plain hot in Pangasinan
  4. A fireplace. Winter would mean heaters and the need for a fireplace
  5. Making snowman, snowball fights and snow angels.
  6. Tremendously curious about heated blankets? thermal blankets?? is that the term for it?
  7. Did i mention snow? Just seeing snow would probably rock my world
  8. Skiing ( I'm hoping I'd try)

8 Things I’m Passionate About:
  1. My kids
  2. My husband
  3. Reading
  4. Writing (Blogging)
  5. Becoming a better Mom
  6. Becoming a successful businesswoman
  7. Learning to Cook
  8. Finding an interest that can result to earning something.

8 Word/Phrases I often Use:
  1. What do you want from me???
  2. I'm so proud of you
  3. Waaaaiiit!
  4. Stop in the name of Mommy
  5. Dad, paki...
  6. No, thank you ( my kids bombard me with offers of sweet food)
  7. Are you ok?
  8. joyride?? ( they want to send their daddy off to work)

8 Things I learned from the past:
  1. I learned that persons who came into your life who hurt you, made you grow stronger.
  2. I learned that to dream is for free so keep dreaming, and write your ideas down.
  3. I learned that God may provide, but you have to put in some effort.
  4. I learned that it's possible to make friends with an enemy.
  5. I learned and believe that the world is just small.
  6. I learned that each moment you spend with someone is important.
  7. I learned to never take your health for granted.
  8. I learned that I may not be as strong, but I can compensate by caring more.

8 persons I'm tagging.
  1. Pehpot of Make or Break
  2. Chris of Inspirational Insights
  3. Niko of Girls Rule!
  4. Kikamz of Just About Anything
  5. Glennj of Starting Afresh
  6. Cheri of In Preppie's Shoes
  7. Yenz of The Smoke Rings of my Mind
  8. Abie of The Sweet Life


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