Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mommy Seiko

Dear Reader,

Did you ever want to know more about Japan? Hear stories of being stay at home mom to pretty princesses. I first read about this site when I joined Mommy Moments. Her entries were very refreshing for me. It showed me a glimpse of a future I can have for myself too, of kids growing up, of Japanese culture, and delightful food. Yummy yummy food.

I love that her header has a photo of her family, its very endearing and makes the blog more personal. But nothing beats her profile picture in the about me page, totally enticing. Her sidebars are filled with her choices of wonderful memes that she participates with. You can see entries for Mommy Moments which is a delight because some photos are of teens, and sometimes of kids. Pixel bug Weekend are great photos that show some slices of her life and she also does Girl Talk, Toy Hunt, Couple's corner and Food Trip Friday. Least I forget, she's a coucher like me and I love her entry when we talked about Disney Princesses and she talked about the movie, Cinderella III, A twist in time (hope I remembered that one correctly)

Seiko's Diary is a diary of a mom, as a mom, of family moments, of her life.

Definitely, a great addition to your roster of blog favorites.


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