Tuesday, January 5, 2010

An Invitation to Join Again


As always, here I am again, inviting you to join Letters That I'll Never Send.

Letters That I'll Never Send is a blog meme/carnival/tag that is hosted on this blog every Thursday.

Each week I provide a topic for you to write about.
It can be short, simple, complicated, long, anything you want. You can even do it in bullet form as long as it's in a form of letter.

Maybe once in a while, I'll post a topic for ranting or a free for all. 52 weeks is certainly a lot of topics and you can always ask or request for a topic. I can easily cope with that.

So come and join.

First topic to welcome the New Year is addressed to the New Year Resolutions collector!

Have fun and enjoy.

Check the sidebar for the topics/themes and the button. Please grab the button. Thanks.


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