Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Definitely on the List!

Dear Reader,

There's a new blog in town and it can give you the answers to questions you've always wanted to ask. The blog caters to health questions, current hot topics and parenting! Well, parents always need help and this blog truly is a great source of information.Like when you got pregnant, did you have stretch marks? Ever wondered how to get rid of them? Fear not, I found the blog that teaches how to get rid of stretchmarks. Finally, I have something to share to Winnie since my stretchmarks are indelibly etched on my tummy, I can teach her everything I read from Mom Conversations. You can have your pick of topics like picking out toys for your kids, to a lot of health items, and even the hottest topics. Imagine, big stores not donating their clothes to charity but putting holes in them and ripping them so it won't be of any use to anyone. From hot topics, issues that need attention, healthcare and things for a mom, it's definitely worth your while to visit and have a conversation with this Mom. Don't get me started on her blog layout. You know I adore blogs with pretty designs and all that but this blog takes the cake with its layout as being crisp, professional and neat looking. The tone of the blog is very professional but still conversational. You'll really feel that the writer knows what she is talking about, not just carelessly tossing an opinion. It has the feel that all articles written are done meticulously and with research, which is much more than other bloggers can offer. Umma is such a gifted writer, I'll bet you'll be putting that bookmark and replying to her posts.


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