Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Must Read!

Dear Reader,

I am Buraot. Oh wait, that's not me He refers to his blog as A day in the life of an antisocial. Buraot is just one of the major sponsors of the biggest blogging contest in the blogging universe! Is it me or has it been such a long time that I haven't been to his site? It underwent a major theme overhaul. It's a magazine type blog. For those who don't know. Buraot is responsible for the hundreds, nay, thousands of these little things.Entredropper.It's the entredropper It holds up to its promise too. Those who love earning entrecard credits can take a hint or two from his blog. You earn entrecard credits in just minutes. He is an opinionated writer. Writes well, as far as I've read. A credible voice in the blogging universe.
His latest thoughts for instance, is a very big issue, and definitely a must read. It affects bloggers and issues we often face. Besides, standing out in this wide blogging universe, don't be afraid, he has a pretty satisfying introduction, read it and get hooked.If you love to read editorials, opinionated, and voiced out loud opinions, his blog is a must read for you. He offers refreshing perspectives on politics, on war, on surviving and the state of our country. He talks of issues that are close to the hearts of all Filipinos. He may not be in the Philippines anymore, but you definitely know where his heart is.


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