Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Letters That I'll Never Send: To the Resolutions Collector


I start the year late. I did not begin it on the first. My year started on the 4th of January, when my kids felt better and I've finally started to clean the closet that I neglected last year. It has never been a habit of mine to write resolutions except those times when I had to do it in high school. Even if I started the year late, I feel a whole lot better. So far, in a matter of a few days, I think I have done more things I wanted to do, now, more than ever. Maybe it helped that hubby and I plus the kids got new hair cuts. It really feels like a fresh start.

So, new year resolutions collector: Are you ready to collect?

  • I hereby resolve to love myself too, get that color back to my hair, go on a little diet for someone's wedding, and learn some stuff that I think will enrich my life.
  • I hereby resolve to be ready for the next holiday season. (I was broke last year hopefully not this year)
  • I hereby resolve to do what I love doing most, writing and earning money.
    Writing gives me an outlet, selling gives me the interaction that I need. The satisfaction of giving joy to someone else.
  • This year: all of us are going to school. Maegan, Paul, Daddy for work and Mommy to learn (well, I can hope right?)
  • Projects for this year: Crafting, Learning to formulate perfumes or Cooking.
  • To blog more and be a better host to this meme.
That's all for now. More details on next week's letter I think.
If you're joining, just leave your link below.


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