Monday, January 11, 2010

TCP: Blockbuster Movies

Dear TCP addicts like me,

Oh my, what a difficult category.

So what runs in my mind when I hear Blockbuster Movies is those in the league of Harry Potter and Lord of the Ring.

But then, I keep trying to recall that in my entries for TCP, I seem to have forgotten all about 1 movie which struck a chord deep into immortal soul. (Isn't that a dead giveaway?)

So without further ado,

my pick for blockbuster movies is:

Image credit goes to Deviant Artist: AuroraInk.

I think it's a great blockbuster movie, in the sense that it is something I shared with my niece. That moms like me could relate to it. That the movie made me reminisce all the feelings of falling in love. It's just amazing how I heard about it on the news, people camping out just to catch the premiere. People calling themselves Twihard. Simply put, the books combined with the movie is just a great experience. You see the words come to life, enacted by actors. I think the amazing thing about the books and the movies is that they have all the necessary elements for everyone, action sequences and motorcycles and car talk for the guys. The romance, butterflies in the stomach, and cheesy lines for the girls.

What's your blockbuster movie?

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i love both twilight and new moon. nakakakilig and nakaka-in love. mine is up too...


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