Wednesday, February 3, 2010

GT: Describe your 1 True Love

Dear Reader,

  • We started out as bestfriends for a year.
  • We swapped assignments to help each other out when we were college freshmen.
  • He's a math wizard ( was able to participate in Philippine Math Olympiad nationals, their team got 2nd place)
  • He can sew, cross-stitch, cook, and even wash clothes.
  • He can take great care of a baby, you'd be amazed...very hands-on.
  • He loves to sing but singing doesn't love him ( don't tell him, I told you)
  • He can dance a little but he's a bit stiff.
  • He can speak a lot of dialects since he's from the North (Ilokano, Ybanag,Itawis, Pangasinense too!)
  • He wasn't intimidated by/with/of my mom. (Total ++++ factor)
  • He plays basketball, chess, and table tennis. He's dabbling in volleyball now.
  • He's great at SUDOKU, and loves to play trivia
  • He smiles and the world lights up and I just melt.
  • He loves to tell jokes.
  • He is friendly.
  • He loves to read... John Grisham, Robert Ludlum, Erich Segal, Tom Clancy... he's now into Alex Kava
  • Addicted to DOTA and Plants vs. Zombies.

That's my Pedz.
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GOD is the source of all perfect Gift! Praise God for our partners..


wow. galing ng hub mo sa math?!! weeeeh genius yan for sure hihih

mys sori now lng ako nkadalaw ha.. busy lola mo! anyways thanks for always joining GT!!

ingat lagi ha!


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