Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Letters That I'll Never Send: Dear Prom Date

Dear Jason,

Hi! Remember me? You look handsome as ever. Glad to see that you are now in a relationship and you totally look cute together. I enjoyed looking at your photos and you were wearing couples cheesy. Well, I picked this topic and all I have to say is that I enjoyed my senior prom better than my junior prom and the funny thing is, I had so much fun with you, a sophomore, a kid like no other for me except Randall (ang kulit ng tandem niyo). I laughed a lot. I think my other friends, ' the unpretty ones' like me were jealous because you were attentive, kind and was an escort anyone would have glad to have hooked. Oh, I enjoyed the fact that we were the first to arrive, had dozens of photo opps, but I guess my mom didn't appreciate receiving a bunch of bananas for being the first pair to arrive. Oh well, highschool life. Thanks for that. I enjoyed the practices too. I remember laughing about how surprised you were that you were taller than me and I was a senior already. I also remember you trying to surprise me, but hey, I knew it was you since when you cover my eyes and ask who it is, your voice is pretty much! I hope your doing fine, and well, Good Luck in life.

P.S. Those curious of how lucky I got during the prom, here's a pic I stole from his friendster account. I hope no one sees this entry. hahaha.


i am tempted to write to my prom date!! :D should i? heheheh well i think this is a great topic!


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