Sunday, February 7, 2010

Blog Appetite is Appetizing!

Dear Reader,

*This is an entry for Kaye & Pehpot's Blogversary Contest*

Being interested and addicted to digital scrapping and blogging templates is a good thing. It made the next blog I'm going to review as something closer to heart. Blog Appetite is a blog I'm familiar with for some time now. If you must know, here's a tidbit about Blog Appetite, there are only 2 blogs that has this design and is both written and used by the author, Mye. The blog is designed by Gisele Jacquenod famous for the bird design and well, I'm addicted to blog templates so Blog Appetite's blog stood out to me a long time ago. Here's another thing, Mye is a successful digital scrap artist and has her own digiscrapping store.

The site is full of stories about parenting, and I've always been curious about having multiples. Twins run in our family and I was hoping I'd have twins the first time I got around. But guess who has twins of her own? Mye. They celebrated their 4th birthday last year, the celebration, and the photos looked like so much fun, I wish I could have twins. Twin girls would really keep my hands full and her twins look so adorable.

From stories of horror that can only happen in the Philippines, to greeting wonderful friends (customized greetings to boot), stories of friendship, and family. This blog has it all to keep you glued in to that site.


nakakatuwa yung post nya on getting an NBI clearance... OMG talaga un!


naku mys, don't worry about not yet writing the level 3 reviews. i am sure, makakahabol ka rin. marami pa time. you still have 3 weeks. kaya simulan mo na... hehe! ako nga, puspusan na pag review kahit wala na ako ideas. ganun ka dire ang need ko manalo. hehe! :D good luck sa atin lahat girl!


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