Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Written by Mys: A Review

Dear Reader,

As I am making my reviews and dreading to make the others because I know that I have a lot of positive things to say but can't. Not just yet. I had to sit back and take an unbiased look. My blog is a mixed blog, naturally there will be a whole range of topics that this blog can offer. I envy those who have particular niches so other bloggers know that they can turn to them with a specific issue in mind. An example would be Pehpot's Sexy Blogging. You know it's about feminine health, so when you have a question or anything you know that's the blog to turn to. Well, when all the reviews are finished, I guess I have to go to a point in time where I would like to go with my blog or if I'd like to write for more blogs.

I love my blog template, that's true. I paid good money for it. But upon my reviews of other sites, I feel as if my blog is cluttered. How I wish to have that sidebar clean and uncluttered. I promise to try fixing how my sidebar looks. The negative aspect of having too many things on your sidebar is that the sidebar grows long and you have to compensate with the number of posts on your front page. Seriously, I appreciate blogs who have 2-3 posts in the front and have 2 column sidebars, whether it's left and right or all right is great looking for me.

Reviewing blogs for the biggest contest in the blogniverse made me realize something. Although most of the comments have been compliments and praise, I wish someone would take that step a bit further. I know that we are not pros and I dream of the day when I can even say that your blog is not css-html validated or whatever that means.

I actually have a dream reviewer for my blog. I love the wit and the sarcasm. It's the 'in your face' kind of review I was hoping to get. Most who joined Kaye & Pehpot's contest are so sweet, that I don't think they'll write anything of that sort. 10 Things I Hate About Your Site does the reviews I so wish to receive. Of course, I'll never forget the first review Pehpot made for my site a long time ago.

Keeping my fingers crossed, if I win anything. I'm getting a tweak at my blog layout. I'm turning it into 2 column-sidebars so that you, my patient reader will not have to worry about too many things loading on the page.


Masyado kasi kayong sweet na mga bloggers. Sometimes, I just wish it were delivered straight. Sometimes lang. Baka kasi maiyak naman ako pag sobrang harsh.


hehe. review your own blog. I don't do that as so many blogs of mine sure take time to do it.


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