Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'm Taking a Commercial Break

Dear Reader,

In all reality, I'm in major panic mode right now. The blog reviews are kicking in, but hey I wanna take a break for a while and post about little things about what I did today and some days ago. Nope, not talking about v-day, vday is not a biggie in our house with 2 kids. They got 2 valentine cookies from our favorite restaurant though -- for free! Yay!

Do you see the photo on the left? That's my latest food discovery. One thing that I think is famous even in Manila would be the Calasiao Puto. It's basically made of rice and sugar I think, I've never seen how it's made. But they aren't like the typical puto that's all floury and stuff. These are sticky. The ones in the photo are actually new variations of a very famous puto store in Calasiao. They are flavored putos. Yes, you read that right. F-l-a-v-o-r-e-d.

The green ones are pandan flavored. The yellow ones are mango-flavored. The white one is actually plain with cheese on top (yum) and the pink one and red one just got my tongue confused. I'm not sure which one's strawberry and which one's cherry.

At first, we thought the shop was making colored puto for birthdays and stuff. I can just imagine serving pink puto as dessert for my daughter's birthday, she loves puto and pink. So we really had a pleasant surprise when we discovered that they weren't just colored but had flavors as well. Now, my daughter is so addicted to the green and yellow one that everytime we go out and have to go or pass Calasiao, she demands to have puto.

Would you try flavored puto?


wow mukhang masarap ang puto na yan. I have to try that one of these days.


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