Monday, February 8, 2010

113 Tidbits: A Review

Dear Reader,

* This is a review in the hopes of which I am to win in the contest hosted by the geniuses Kaye & Pehpot who has taken over the blogging universe*

I think this would be a first review that would not be as glowing as all the rest. I am finding it difficult to review a site that has completely taken me by surprise. Speechless is not something that occurs to me often. I can hit a wall but then come up with something after a while. Certainly, the author of the blog is to be given credit for using the colors that is known to be the most powerful color combination, yellow and black. I think I've read somewhere that yellow is the color that is most attractive to flies and that it also best combined with black, hence traffic posts are black and the signs have the color yellow for "wait".
113 Tidbits - Social Feeds and Daring Commentary is indeed daring and unique. I am lost as it is also a business blog since the photos of gadgets to the right goes ebay. Even more so I get distracted by the faces at the footer which is in fact a blogcatalog thing. But enough of the distracting stuff. Everything changes when you dive into the content. Personally, I love the ebay article. The site is actually informative and amusing at the same time. In a society where looks are placed much premium on, I am betting that you too would be reading the article about whitening your teeth at low cost to get that superstar dazzling smile. You would certainly be amazed that the ingredients may just be sitting in your cupboard right now, waiting to be discovered.


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