Saturday, February 20, 2010

Coffee, Anyone?: A Review

Dear Reader,

               *This is a blog review entry for Kaye & Pehpot's Blogversary Contest. I promise that the blog I'm about to review is definitely worth your time. Read on to discover why.*

                              Here's another review by the author Clarisse, I just love her post signature. Don't you? It totally fits with the title of her blog, Coffee,Anyone? The blog is described as "It's not work. It's not home. It's that comforting space between, where I gather my thoughts; and connect with fellow beings who treat each moment as a gift, and are grateful for life."

                               I look at a blog and usually try to find what I have in common with the author. Eons ago, I was a coffee fanatic. Chalk that up to my roommate and traditions of my mom with her friend who spend ages in talking across coffee cups. I like the fact that Clarisse likes to save trees and I really like her car

                               I should also mention that they have an online store which carries interesting items. Among them that caught my attention would be this.
                               If you're interested in finding out more, grab that cup of  coffee now. 
                   Other details about the blog is that yes, it's a bravenet hosted blog, but never fear since a bravenet blog has all the yummy perks of having a calendar and a guestbook too. Plus archives are also easy to manage. So, come on and take her up on her offer of coffee. I'm sure you'll not regret it.

Meet me here for coffee, hot chocolate, a piña colada or a glass of wine.


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