Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Husband of a Blogger: A Review

Dear Reader,

You've met Niko, now meet her other half. Yes. I truly believe in her great powers of persuasion, her husband is also and a very proud husband at that to name his blog : Husband of a Blogger. His sidebar is filled with badges of their blogs well mostly Niko's of course. I have no expectations with regards to blogger templates when it comes to males, so I think the blog is basically streamlined with gadgets/widgets galore in the sidebars and footer.
I just have a thing about his footer. I just wish his footer was divided into 3 so the widgets could be spaced evenly and not a whole long thing, but hey, that's just me. I got the shock of my life when I discovered that this blog had written a letter but wasn't able to leave the link. I feel so guilty for not knowing. Did you notice his About Me? I love that he is indeed teaming up with his wife. Have you seen his Harley Davidson? Made you look didn't I?
Here's what you should expect. It is a personal blog, a very personal one. Expect stories of his life, hers, theirs and their kid's life. What they like, what they enjoy and just plainly about them. It's an interesting read and I really enjoy delving into the lives of a blogging tandem. There are just a handful of couples who do blogging together so his blog is definitely something I enjoyed reading and I think you will too.


wow, dami mo na rin reviews mys ah! hehehe! wag na panic mode! i am sure your points will soar after this!


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