Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jena Isle's Random Thoughts: A Review

Dear Reader,

* This is a blog review entry for Kaye & Pehpot's Blogversary Contest*

The blog is totally personal. The author, definitely a writer. The blog's layout is minimalistic with the sidebars teeming with categories, links to friends, a blog club, and an amazing book. The writer is a very persuasive travel agent. I can just imagine going to Angeles City because of her article. What draws me to the blog however is my curiousity about the Kalinga. I have heard of some stories about people from there, but this blog will show you a first hand look. My husband is from Tuguegarao and he has mentioned that some students of his are from Kalinga and are headhunters. You have to read on her article about headhunting in Kalinga. It is definitely a must-read and a very interesting piece since the entry tackles about issues of peace. The blog is full of interesting entries and even showcases guestposting. She had a guest post about computer specifications which at least helped me wrap my head around some of the things I am interested in, in case we buy another pc for the business I keep dreaming about.

The blog will engage any reader and is certain to give you not only interesting information about Kalinga and beautiful stories and poetry. She tells a story of how she began to earn money online which I'm pretty sure will interest a lot of other bloggers out there.From time to time you can also read about memes on her blogs, which will surely interest you too. Go and visit Jena Isle's Random Thoughts. I highly recommend it.


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