Thursday, February 4, 2010

For Newbies in Blogging

Dear Reader,

*This is an attempt to review this site as a requirement in the Kaye & Pehpot's Blogversary Contest*

The name of the blog is: Novice on Blogging. This blog is authored by Pehpot. Novice on Blogging as the subtitle goes would be about Tips and Techniques on Blogging and Online Earning. I do believe that it's a must read for bloggers contemplating on seriously earning money online. Bloggers from the Philippines can really learn from her specially about how to get that coveted paypal account, where you can store your earnings from your blogging. One of her helpful posts would be about How to Apply for EON Card, which is the number one choice for those who don't have a credit card and still want to have a paypal account. Another thing worth mentioning is that most bloggers who do earn online, do so by joining paid review sites, and when you do paid reviews or if your blog is "pr friendly" then writing a disclosure policy is one of a must-do. In the case of the biggest blogging contest in the blogging universe in terms of prizes, their major requirements are to do reviews. Novice on Blogging gives you the step by step, the long method and the quick guide on just how to review for a blog. You can easily peruse her blog's archives to know what I'm talking about. The blog also provides links to various blogs that may be of interest to you and the layout is neat, clean, and crisp. I could spend hours just reading the posts and learning more about how to blog. Another thing that you need since I'm guessing if you're here in my blog, you'd be writing reviews for other contests, I found this wordcount tool at NOOB and well, it's very useful.
For sure if you want to learn more about blogging and earning online, this is the blog to read.


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