Thursday, February 25, 2010

Momma Wannabe: A Review

Dear Reader,

             I perceived the term wannabe in a negative connotation a long, long time ago. I never saw the term used in becoming a mom, which then made me rethink of my opinion about wannabes. If there was a profile photo that entices its viewers to learn more about the person, Jade would be on the number 1 on my list. I just love her profile photo and the header just totally fits with how she looks.

             The blog is a journal one woman's journey to motherhood. If there's anyone who I feel I'm rooting for to become a mom, I think Jade's the one. Her blog entires about ivf is something that is very enlightening. It's so different for everyone. Others have it easy in becoming, and others find it very difficult. Nevertheless, I'm pretty sure that when God grants her wish in becoming a mother, she will be ready and able.

            Jade writes for numerous blogs, very insightful, fashionable, and due to her success she has even hosted some giveaways which I think I tried to participate in a long time ago. She's a Filipina in Singapore who also joins some Memes like Music Monday. I definitely agree that Besame Mucho is very relaxing.

           I can go on and on about her, but hey, hop on board and you'll know what I'm talking about and that Momma Wannabe is a blog you shouldn't miss. Plus you just gotta love her favicon. It's just perfect.

*This is a blog review, an entry for Kaye & Pehpot's Blogversary Contest*


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