Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Blog in Review: Make or Break Round 2

Dear Reader,

Once in a while, you will come upon a blog that becomes a turning point in your life. My second big break came in the form of this blog. A long time ago, I wrote a blog review for this blog. The blogger is now hosting the biggest contest in the blogging universe also wrote a review for me at her old blog. In trying to apply what I've learned from her guide, here goes my new review. Her header is a big plus factor for me. Her blog header depicts her life as of now, the life of a full-time, stay at home Mom with 3 boys and a princess. It's amazing how she can keep her sanity and maintain 8 blogs. You can see the headers of her other blogs at her sidebar. I love her blog template and it just goes to show how much work she and Kaye did to have a beautiful blog. One thing I noticed however, is that the About page needs a bit of tweaking since the About is still in Latin. But if I remember correctly, she once wrote that 1200 characters are not enough to describe who the blogger is, you get to know the blogger through what she writes.

Pehpot as her friends call her is a woman of many talents. She has formed a lot of clubs in the blogging world. Famous for the Marce Club and the unforgettable She Bloggers day out. She started the revolution in blog reviews when she made an offer of a review exchange. There are only 28 days in February but since they started their contest, I have seen bloggers reaching 60 entries for this month all in a rush to join the biggest contest in the blogging universe.

Make or Break is a blog that has a lot to offer and if there's one thing I'm certain of ever since I laid eyes on that blog, this blog will certainly make it in the blogging hemisphere. From Mommy Moments, to playing with a wig, to stories of Princess Sati, photos of delectable food, personal stories and blogging events. Make or Break has it all for you.


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