Sunday, February 21, 2010

Super Gulaman: A Review

Dear Reader,

  1. Super Gulaman is a blog written in Filipino, so non-Filipino speaking/reading bloggers arm yourselves with Google Translate.
  2. I found the blog creative, and amusing to say the least. It also goes to show with the healthy number of blog followers he has. The template alone is something that I'm pretty much fond of. I am always in awe of those who choose to have a black background. He used white for his font color, yellow and blue to provide contrasts which to me are perfect blends for blogs with backgrounds of black.
  3. Gulaman is actually Gula-Man, my discovery upon reading the history of Super Gulaman - so yes, super gulaman is indeed a superhero.
  4. I love his viewpoint on teachers being moulders.
  5. The blog is informative and very opinionated. Informative, because he gives out links to new episodes of anime which my husband so loves, so his blog is definitely going to get bookmarked.
  6. The blog will also entice gamers, there are offers of free games and even movie buffs and addicts.
  7. It is a personal blog so expect stories, opinions, and family.
  8. There's also an amusing Frequently Asked Question's Page. I'm just loving the navigation bar and the many things I'm discovering, as I'm perfectly sure, you will too.

* Least I forget, this is a blog review, an entry for the biggest contest in the blogniverse which is hosted by Kaye & Pehpot*


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