Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wonder Wifey: A Review

Dear Reader,

*This is a blog review entry for Kaye & Pehpot's Blogversary Contest*

If I had to pick a template of my own, I really love the journal type or notebook type template. Wonder Wifey is just making me green with envy. This is what a diary would look like and I am loving the template. Not so much, a diary, maybe a planner and with all the post-its stuck between. I love the layout, there's no doubt about it. The left hand page are the entries, the right hand - 2 column sidebars.

If I thought Pehpot had a lot of blogs then I just finally found the one who can one-up Pehpot's numerous blogs. The author of Wonder Wifey, Clarisse is a writer of 9 (read that as n-i-n-e) blogs. Blogs that are hosted in different platforms and of different topics.

Wonder Wifey is more of a product review blog. It also boasts of suggested products, for your kids, for the mom, for the wife and a whole lot more. "If you're after product reviews, consumer items, household tips, recipes and everything else a Wonder Wifey can possibly pull off, YOU'RE ON THE RIGHT SITE! " - this is what Wonder Wifey is all about. You have to try the 5 minute mug cake as it says it only takes 5 minutes. But what I think every household should have and I've posted about it before. Everyone must have a go-bag. I intend to repost this as soon as all my reviews are in. It is indeed a necessity. Plus it has a complete listing of what one must have. Mine was just a cursory glance and with no specified quantity.

Go ahead, be the wonder wife, mom, and woman that you can or want to be. This blog is definitely for everyone.


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