Friday, February 19, 2010

Travelin' with Marie: A Review

Dear Reader,

*This is a blog review made as an entry for Kaye & Pehpot's Blogversary Contest*

Seriously, I was expecting a different blog of Marie. I was all psyched up to review a blog and start off with the author's post signature which I so proudly made. But lo and behold! A different blog showed up. Nevertheless, I think the blog is worth your time since it is about her life and Miss Marie does love to travel, tell stories, and furthermore, she's planning her wedding. You can expect the blog to be about Ms. Marie's life as she plans her wedding this coming June, to stories of her wedded bliss and yes, I think she'll be a great mom to all her future kids. The blog template is neat and clean. Artsy and has 2 columns for sidebars. Links in her sidebar will send you to some interesting pages as she also digiscraps.

Her blog is still young, about 2 months old. So far, the entries were about the biggest contest in the blogniverse, Kaye & Pehpot's. It also has an entry about one of her many more to come wedding suppliers. Seriously, I think a candy table is a great idea. But my picks would all be sugarfree. I should also mention that I love the photo of her and hubby-to-be. So sweet and cheesy. She's young pretty and vibrant. Thoughtful and a great writer.

The blog even if its only new is a very promising blog based on just what I've read from her other blog as well. I assure you, it's a blog worth reading. It will definitely appeal to those planning their wedding as well.Travelin' with Marie will be a fun ride you won't forget.


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