Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Reviewing WAHMaholic

Dear Reader,

At first glance, I thought WAHMaholic was just a collection of Kaye, the great designer of all blog thingies like layouts, templates, post signatures, and buttons. I am so wrong. WAHMaholic not only showcases the portfolio of a designer that I now add to the lists of my favorite blog designers. Have you seen the makeover she made of her own blog? I simply love the comment boxes, I wish I can make my comment boxes stand out like hers.
I love her blog header. It truly defines what a wahmaholic is, complete with pronunciation. I also adore how the template she made for Ria's Wonderful World of Peachy. So adorable and cute, perfect for Ria's journey as Peachy's mom. Another blog layout that she made and that I really like is for Girl's Talk. I really admire her handiwork. So artsy, pretty and it's scrapbook type so I love them. Her writeups are always fun. I love how she features the work she's done with no airs. I also like that she gives out demonoid invitations. Nope, demonoid is not for any satanic cult or anything, it's a download haven of movies and all the other stuff that you aren't supposed to know. WAHMaholic is a site for those who are thinking of changing their template, wanting a few tweaks, a complete and comprehensive blog makeover, freebie hunters, and great buttons and headers.

I have a hint for those looking for her archives. All you have to do is click on the sitemap. That easy and that simple. Go on, get on over there. I bet her list of blog makeovers is already long but I bet if you say, you'd want one, you'll get on that long list and get a happy result


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