Sunday, February 7, 2010

Looking for Recipes anyone?

Dear Reader,

*This is a blog review in the hopes of winning in the biggest blogging contest ever*

Dishes by Pepot from the header itself, it's all about Dishes cooked and served by Pehpot. The blog is quite new, it started last December 2009. Most of the food dishes presented are also entries to the meme Food Trip Friday. I love the layout of the blog, The header and footer is both designed by the author herself, which just goes to show how much talent the author has. I love that the blog has straightforward and very organized categories. It's so simple to use, when you're looking for dishes that has beef as its main ingredient, all you have to do is click on the word beef. Some of the interesting stuff I encountered, being a diabetic I am not allowed to eat sweet stuff (well, non-sugarfree ones) so imagine my surprise to discover that there is in fact two kinds of Leche Plan. I almost forgot to tell you what's the most noteworthy thing about this blog. Besides the fact that it's purely good and entertaining writing where the author engages you and makes you want to run to the kitchen and try out the recipe she just showed you, or well at least try to rummage in the kitchen for the ingredients, I think what no one can duplicate are the lovely photos of the food. The photos exemplify food that is homemade with class.


sarap nung leche flan nya ano? nagluto rin ako kaso pumalpak... hehe! wala kasi ako steamer kaya nag experiment ako sa oven namin...


Diabetic ako eh, may sugarfree alternative kaya? Ang sarap nga. I just learned na meron palang smooth leche flan and bubbly leche flan. Sa texture ang difference?


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